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We are a service oriented law firm which seeks expeditious and positive results for our clients. The attorneys meet personally with each client at the time we are retained. When the firm was established our vision was to be very accessible to our clients. You will communicate with your lawyer in the processing of your case – not a secretary, law clerk, assistant or paralegal. Unlike many firms, we hope to meet with you personally at the time you decide to retain us. We do not send “runners”, or employees to your residence to gather your business. We encourage personal relationships with our clients. Our attention to detail, seamless services, and healthy personal relationships with our clients lead to the best results possible.

While our practice focuses on work injuries, we do have experience in personal injury cases, Fair Employment and Housing cases and Wage & Hour claims. We have relationships with highly competent attorneys whose practices focus on those areas of law, and we can certainly refer you to the appropriate attorney for your particular situation. In some instances, an individual may have more than one case arising from the same particular set of facts. For example, if an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident while working, that person would have both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim against the negligent party who caused the accident. In such situations, we frequently refer the personal injury claim to another expert attorney, while we represent the individual in the workers’ compensation claim. Due to the interplay between the two cases, we maintain constant communication and information sharing with the other expert attorney to ensure the maximum recovery for the individual in both cases.

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